Clifford & Stellenbosch University

Clifford's sponsorship of these prizes is a testament to the importance of recognizing and encouraging academic excellence in the field of Mechatronics. It takes a lot of effort, focus, and determination to excel [...]

SEW Braai Day at Clifford

On behalf of the entire Clifford team, thank you for the SEW braai today, everyone appreciated the effort to get this done, and the short break was worthwhile. Thank you for the effort in [...]

Clifford & Stellenbosch University

Every year Clifford sponsors prizes for the Best 2nd & 3rd Year Mechatronic students at Stellenbosh University. This year's winners were: Devin Jefferies (3rd year) and Bradley Buchanan (2nd year). Congratulations gentlemen, we look forward [...]

CLIFFORD’S 2021 Supplier Awards

2021 SUPPLIER AWARDS After a challenging year, we are proud to award the following suppliers for outstanding workmanship and reliability. We really appreciate all your hard work. The Suppliers, in alphabetical order, are: AMPIP [...]


AUTOMATED GRATING SHEAR Traditional methods of cutting gratings such as the use of band saws, cold saws or manually using gas torches are a thing of the past. Clifford's new grating shear is designed [...]


Clifford’s revolutionary QSW mesh welder is designed to take all the guesswork out of mesh panel manufacturing. Laser-guided tooling setup ensures that product changeovers are quick, optimal, efficient, and simple, while our frontend software automatically [...]

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