Large diameter mesh welder

Clifford’s reinforcing mesh welders are designed to meet all international reinforcing bar and reinforcing mine mesh standards. Clifford’s design philosophy ensures fast, efficient and customised reinforcing mesh production.


Our reinforcing mesh welders are designed to weld large wire diameters for reinforcing bar (rebar) mesh,  mine mesh and heavy duty fencing and offer simple operations, lower maintenance and reduced electrical consumption. All machines come with a 1-year guarantee with spares available worldwide.

Like all Clifford machines, the Reinforcing Mesh Welder is modular in design so additional modules like stackers and trimmers can be added to grow with your business. Each mesh welder boasts quick changeover times, easy operation and maintenance, with Off-coil and precut linewire options. Typically 1 operator can run the entire line, but we offer fully automatic or semi-automatic options to suit your budget.

Reinforcing Mesh


At Clifford, we strive to create reliable, customisable and cost-effective welding solutions for all our customers.

A Typical Large Mesh Welding Line includes the following:

  • Line Wire Payoffs
  • Straightening Banks
  • Accumulation
  • Line Wire Feeder
  • Welding Portal
  • Crosswire Feed
  • Mesh Extraction / Linear Pullout
  • Mesh Shear
  • Stacking & Turning Mesh
  • Transport
  • Bundle Stacker
Grating Welder Line


Need some help?

We have dedicated sales consultants and agents near you to help define your requirements. Our machines are custom-designed to ensure our machines meet your needs.