Clifford is the leading supplier of grating welders worldwide and has a proven track record in consistently achieving both the BSI and NAAMM standards over the past 13 years. Meeting and exceeding these international standards is inherent in our design and manufacturing philosophy and has given Clifford a reputation of providing fast, efficient and quality grating welders.


Our streamlined systems offer simple operations, lower maintenance and reduced electrical consumption. All machines come with a 1-year guarantee with spares available worldwide.

Speed and product flexibility are paramount, our grating welders give you the freedom to weld BOTH light and heavy bars (serrated or smooth) with twisted-square or round linewires (pre-cut or off-coil). All this comes standard with weld speeds up to 60 crosswires per minute. A product changeover will take less than an hour, making Just-in-time (JIT) made to order manufacturing a reality. Welding offshore, double grating, carbon and stainless steel options are also available.