This versatile edge trimming and slitting machine is used for the cleaning and trimming of welded wire products, such as freezer baskets, fridge shelves, wire bird cages, wire display panels and mesh panels; where a neat burr-free finish is required.


The trimming/slitting machine is equipped as standard with two sets of cutting points.  These consist of one at either end of a central rocker shaft.  The movement of the rocker arm is dynamically balanced to reduce vibration to a minimum.  All mechanicals are housed in a neat fabricated floor-mounted frame which has a removable top cover for easy access to the mechanical components.  Blade heights are all fully adjustable to allow for different wire diameters.

Due to the dual set of reciprocating blades, one or two operators may work simultaneously, thus improving productivity.

The machine is also provided with a top slitting blade which can be used to either slit sheets of mesh or for cutouts in mesh panels.

Edge Trimmer and Nibbler


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