OMNIVENT Ventilator strangled by bureaucracy

Clifford's OMNIVENT ventilator strangled by bureaucracy After months of government stonewalling, the ONMIVENT ventilator has succumbed to South Africa's bureaucratic red tape, Clifford has officially given up on the South African market and is [...]

The Witness Newspaper: A unique ventilator

A unique ventilator PMB-based firm says machine will be ready for testing soon ESTELLE SINKINS THE prototype for a uniquely African ventilator will be ready for testing by the end of April. [...]

Radio Interview: Graham Raynor on CII Radio

Graham Raynor, co-owner of Clifford was interviewed on CII Radio. Unfortunatly the voice call quality is imperfect, but you can read the transcript below: LOCKDOWN WITH C.I.I. Radio ZAHIR BASSA (HOST): Let’s [...]

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