Radio Interview: Iain Ambler follow up interview on Rational / BizNews Radio

Iain Ambler was interviewed on BizNews Radio Listen to the interview here: or read the transcript below: ALEC HOGG: During the Easter weekend. I had a conversation with Iain Ambler who is the co-owner of a company called Clifford Engineering [Machines & Technology] and it was a fascinating interview it went pretty viral [...]

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Our ventilator prototype passed its first bench test!

The support that we have received from people all over South Africa, and indeed many people from other places in the world, has just been incredible.   We have had manufacturers rolling up their sleeves and getting night shifts involved to manufacture parts for our prototype and then refusing to charge us simply because they [...]

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The Witness Newspaper: A unique ventilator

A unique ventilator PMB-based firm says machine will be ready for testing soon ESTELLE SINKINS THE prototype for a uniquely African ventilator will be ready for testing by the end of April. Clifford Machines & Technology, based in Pietermaritzburg, has been busy updating a machine used with great success in state hospitals [...]

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Radio Interview: Graham Raynor on CII Radio

Graham Raynor, co-owner of Clifford was interviewed on CII Radio. Unfortunatly the voice call quality is imperfect, but you can read the transcript below: LOCKDOWN WITH C.I.I. Radio ZAHIR BASSA (HOST): Let’s go to the lines right now… and welcome our next guest Graham Raynor, current owner of Clifford Machines & Technology. [...]

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Radio Interview: Iain Ambler on BizNews Radio

Iain Ambler was interviewed on BizNews Radio Listen to the interview here:  or read the transcript below: Alec Hogg: My old friend Melanie Veness who runs one of the best Chambers of Commerce in the country, The Pietermaritzburg Chamber, dropped me a WhatsApp this morning about one of her members, Iain Ambler, who [...]

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Life Air (Pty) Ltd originated in the early nineties as a joint venture between Dr. Don Miller and Clifford Machines & Technology (Pty) Ltd.   At the time, Dr Don Miller was a highly recognized anesthetist in the Southern Cape region (Tygerberg Hospital) South Africa.   Dr Miller, with his medical expertise and Clifford Machines & [...]

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