Streamlined Economical Mesh Welder

Multi-Purpose Entry Level Mesh Welder

Although cost-effective, this machine can weld a very high-quality product and can be tooled for a wide range of products: Reinforcing mesh, Fencing Mesh, High-security fencing (358 products), Cable Trays, Deck mesh and other general mesh products. The machine is modular and customisable to meet your requirements and budget, yet fully upgradable to grow with your needs.


The following makes this machine much cheaper to build, ship, install and commission on site.

  • The S-EMW is modular by design so you only buy the modules you need.
  • The machine comes with three or more welding transformers which means you need a smaller pre-transformer and electrical supply (easily upgradable to nine transformers).
  • The shorter linear pullout is optimised for short flexible runs.
  • The machine is designed so that the control panel, welding portal and the crosswire magazine are all mounted on ONE frame.