As part of our 50th Anniversary celebrations, we contacted our customers to find their oldest Clifford machines in production, take a few photos and tell us a little bit about their journey. We received a very warm response from everyone, here are a few photos and stories from some of our customers:

Congratulations Clifford on your 50-year run. Halfway to a century!

We are proud to say that we have a total of 21 Clifford machines in manufacturing status. We have a saying here: “If you look after your Clifford, it looks after you”. Clifford kicks dust in the competitor’s eyes and their machines last forever.

Our oldest machines are:

Mesh welder – CLW24

CLW24 Mesh Welder. Manufactured in 1997

This old man is running next to a competing mesh welder (which we sprayed the Clifford colours). The completion is no match for the old timer which still runs two welds per minute faster. With its short linear carriage and durability, it will be hard to replace, so we are planning an upgrade for this machine that will make it young again.

Straightening & cutting – WS 614

WS 614 Wire straightening and cutting machine. Manufactured in 1988

Hard to notice under all the dust, but this 31-year-old straightening and cutting machine is still one of the hardest working machines in the factory. Our production manager makes it sweat, but it never disappoints and consistently pulls its own weight in the straightening and cutting department. Given its age, the machine occasionally needs some TLC and definitely needs a cosmetic makeover, but it’s still a Ferrari in the straightening and cutting world. It’s the brand and the excellent durability that matters.

— H.T. South Africa

More customer photos

VW CSR 050 Jig Welder. Manufactured in 2006
Mesh Welder. Manufactured in 2008