This year Clifford is celebrating our 50 year anniversary – proudly supplying the wire and grating industry since 1969.

1969 was the year Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon, the first communications were sent through the ARPANET (the start of the Internet) while the world was listening to The DoorsLed Zeppelin and The Beatles and watching Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It was also the same time a modest engineering company called Clifford Engineering started up in a small town called Pietermaritzburg.

Founded by Mr Clifford Sobey, Clifford Engineering’s vision was to produce quality and affordable machinery for the wire industry. His vision was realised over the years and Clifford quickly grew from a local company to an internationally recognised producer of technologically advanced machinery, while focusing on sound engineering principles to meet their customers’ requirements and budget.

Today, Clifford Machines & Technology still focuses on innovative design, quality, reliability, automation and tightly integrating the latest technology and cost-saving methods into all their designs. With sales offices in America and Dubai and plans to open a manufacturing plant in the USA, Clifford is refocused and ready to take on the next 50 years.

“Having been with Clifford for nearly half of those 50 years it has been my privilege to watch the company grow from strength to strength and gain international recognition and accolades for its machinery design and execution. With the help of our employees, supply chain and customers we have been able to realise the vision of the founder of the company. We look forward to enhancing this reputation and growing our world-class business.” – Iain Ambler Director at Clifford Machines & Technology