Clifford’s Serrating Line is custom designed for serrating the edges of linebar gratings. The serrated pitches and depth is customisable, giving you complete flexibility to create a wide range of serration types.


Linebars are loaded onto the storage table by crane or forklift, where they are unbundled. The operator selects 2 bars from the bundle, and feeds the bars into the machine, against a fixed stop. The machine automatically indexes the bars through the serrating tool. The serration process continues until the required serrating length is reached.  Two linebars can be serrated at the same time with serration speeds up to 75 strokes per minute. The system automatically moves the bars to bundle station A or B, as selected by the operator. This feature enables the operator bundle bars on one side of the machine, while the machine fills the stacking cradle on the opposite side, effectively ensuring and continuous operation.

The entire tool holder can safely be removed in minutes, and replaced with a new tool if required. Individual items of the tool can be removed and sharped as required, with minimum down-time. The tool design may include different profile sizes and tool lengths, depending on the bar thickness that is punched.

Off-coil linebar or pre-cut options are available, with Offcoil having additional payoffs, loop accumulation and linebar straighteners in 2 planes.


Clifford understands that workplace safety is a priority, our fail-safe protection systems using light curtains ensures operator safety at all times, yet doesn’t get in the way of efficient production.


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