The new Clifford FMW is designed for 24/7 fully automated mesh production with weld speeds of 220 crosswires per minute.

Clifford’s new fully automatic fine mesh/fencing mesh welding range requires a single operator and boasts, dual crosswire inserters, dual linear pullout and a fully automatic coiler for mesh rolls with fixed pitches and welding speeds of 220 crosswires per minute.

Clifford provides industrial welding, grating and wire working equipment. For over 50 years, Clifford has been a leader in the resistance welding industry and has won awards for innovation and engineering excellence. Clifford prides itself in designing customised machinery that is reliable, fast and economical with a global spares & support system for their customers.

This year Clifford launched its new FMW range of machines, a high-speed Fine Mesh/Fencing Mesh Welder, designed specifically to be lightning-fast and fully automatic.

The FMW mesh welding line has both off coil linewire and crosswire payoffs. The crosswires are fed from an overhead payoff coil and are straightened in two sets of seven roll straighteners, mounted at 90 degrees to each other to give dual-plane straightening. Crosswires are then cut to length with automatic shears.

Dual servo actuated fingers hold the crosswires under tension and in place, enabling the dual weld tips to weld the two crosswires simultaneously to the linewires, at speeds of 220 crosswires per minute. Standard resistance welding techniques are used in this process.

The machine line also comes standard with an enhanced linear pullout system, which moves the mesh out of the welding portal and into the mesh coiler. The enhanced linear pullout is more efficient than the old gripper-type carriage and eradicates the time lost on gripper carriage returns.

The mesh exits the linear pullout into the fully automated coiler, which rolls, cuts and ejects the completed welded mesh. The coiler then automatically threads the new incoming mesh into the mandrel, ready to roll the new coil. The coiler has a unique accumulation system, which stores welded mesh while the cutting and ejecting sequence is running. This ensures that production is uninterrupted while unloading the mesh rolls.

All these new features ensure high-speed 24/7 continuous production which is controlled by a central PLC, touch screen and user-friendly interface. Production reports, logs and alarms are easily accessible from the frontend software as well as all the weld and indexing settings. A single operator is required to monitor the welded mesh roll process and frees them up to focus on quality control and replenishing the linewire and crosswire coils.

The weld presses can also be re-tooled for different linewire and crosswire pitches and all indexing and weld settings are completely customizable, making the machine able to weld a wide variety of products. Quality and reliability are of paramount importance, so Clifford only uses the best and most reliable components like Beckhoff, Festo and Rexroth.

All this packaged together makes the Clifford FMW stand far above their competition. Providing fast, automated, reliable and cost effective machinery to any wire mesh manufacturer.

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