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The LP Linear pullout is used in pre cut line wire applications and also in off coil applications where pitch tolerance and mesh squareness is critical.


The line wire advance is a linear pullout system with a servo controlled pullout carriage, which is used to advance the mesh one pitch at a time through the welding portal. The pullout carriage has a pneumatically actuated beam with crosswire gripper assemblies, which grip on the already welded cross wires in the sheet.

In order to avoid the stop in mesh production when the LP returns to its start point, a double pullout (LPD) is an option that ensures that while the one pullout is returning to its start position, the other continues to index the mesh

Model Number LP
Mesh width: Max. 4300mm
Pullout length 8000mm
Gripper actuation Pneumatic
Pullout drive Servo with gearbox