Clifford COVID-19 Ventilator Project

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Life Air (Pty) Ltd originated in the early nineties as a joint venture between Dr. Don Miller and Clifford Machines & Technology (Pty) Ltd.   At the time, Dr Don Miller was a highly recognized anesthetist in the Southern Cape region (Tygerberg Hospital) South Africa.   Dr Miller, with his medical expertise and Clifford Machines & Technology (Pty) Ltd, with their advanced technical support made the ideal mix for designing and manufacturing a sophisticated product line of a respiratory care products.

Following on the progression of the COVID19 pandemic the directors of Clifford have gathered together the same team to repurpose the ventilator offering to make it suitable for case management of patients afflicted with symptoms of the virus.   Mr Richard Sobey, the project’s original Design Engineer and driving force, now based in Australia and working on a similar project for the Western Australian Government has joined our team.   Clifford is now a driving force and market leader in the world with their range of proprietary machinery and their expertise in mechatronics, mechanical, electrical and software design as well as their manufacturing capability puts them in an ideal position to handle the operational aspects of this project.   Dr Miller, now living in the UK has also come on board.

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